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Discover the Monnicloset clothing and accessories line, expression of Monica Sarti's talent combined with the know-how of Lanificio Faliero Sarti, for the creation of Made in Italy products. Discover now superior quality ponchos, vests, shirts and masks.

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  1. Lucry
    Printed long dress

    $535.50 $420.00

    22% OFF
  2. Cin
    Silk sarong-style dress


  3. Albicocca Abito corto
    Albicocca Abito corto

    Lightweight summer short dress in cotton


    $441.00 $225.75

    49% OFF
  4. Ambrina abito corto
    Ambrina abito corto

    Short silk summer dress

    $420.00 $210.00

    50% OFF
  5. Melissa

    Long summer silk dress

    $687.75 $346.50

    50% OFF
  6. Lissa

    Long summer silk dress

    $435.75 $225.75

    48% OFF
  7. Squid Abito corto
    Squid Abito corto

    Lightweight summer cotton dress

    $378.00 $189.00

    50% OFF
  8. Giady Abito Lungo
    Giady Abito Lungo

    Long summer silk dress

    $456.75 $231.00

    49% OFF
  9. Monichina

    Asymmetric printed silk one-shoulder top.

    $351.75 $283.50

    19% OFF
  10. Luisa
    Poncho with fringes


  11. Abito Chemisier Full Buttons
    Abito Chemisier Full Buttons

    Cotton shirt dress


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