"Faliero Sarti is a high profile company:
the materials that it creates and produces
(a "know-how" with always one eye towards
the future) and the service that comes along
are all on a high level. Thank you Mr. Sarti
for making beautiful materials with great
class and distinction"
Jean Paul Gautier
"Thank you for your collaboration
and the good quality of your fabrics"
Donna Karan
"Lanificio Sarti always represents to me what
Italy stands for:
the family, passion,
creativity and quality"
Martin Margiela
happy ['haepili] adv heureusement, par
bonheur (luckily) ||~iness n bonheur m ||
~ y adj heureux;~ birthday!, bon anniversaire; ~ New Year!, bonne (et heureuse)
annèe ||
cinquante [sekat] adj. num. card. inv. cin-
quanta. •adj. num. ord. cinquantesimo
Nicola Trussardi
"Technological research and the
quality of materials
tied to tradition,
have made Faliero Sarti a leading brand
of fabrics made ​​in Italy"
Vivienne Westwood
"When I think of Lanificio
I immediately think of the word 'quality'.
The fabrics are a joy to use
and a key part of my collection"
"Fabric and style are the alpha and omega
of the alphabet of fashion.
The 'omega' Giorgio Armani wishes the 'alpha'
Faliero Sarti for it to continue
this way... for a long time!"
Giorgio Armani
Gianfranco Ferrè
"Today more than ever, the real challenge that fashion
is facing quantitatively is seen in the relationship between
creative intention and research for materials. Research as experimentation, innovation, invention. But also as a
constant development of skills acquired over time,
along the paths traced boldly by a unique
productive tradition. For the sense of quality and
sophistication of the processes, a balance
between craftsmanship and industrial know-how,
between human effort and technology.
A manufacturing tradition of which Faliero Sarti is
one of the most significant and influential representatives.
Its fifty-year experience is undoubtedly
its biggest strength in tackling the next fifty...
Facing the future."
"The fabric
is Aladdin's lamp for each designer.

It is not an inert material: in its weave,
at its core, in its light there is always,
hope and a promise of creativity"
Romeo Gigli
Hiroko Koshino
"Many years have passed since I met Roberto Sarti in Como for the first time in Italy. It must have been at the time of the presentation of my first collection in Paris. I was struck by the sweetness and kindness of his ways and especially by that enthusiasm he conveys, now as then, when he speaks of his profession and his creations: his face changes expression, becoming more fascinating and impressive, reflecting the image of his own fabrics which are so full of culture and creativity. One gets the impression that the multi-faceted personality of Roberto is completely transferred to his creations. Roberto's fabrics have served me continuously over the years. I really like them for the particular sensitivity of Italian style and taste, so rich in aesthetic sense and tradition. When I touch
one of his creations, it makes something vibrate inside me like it was a magical fabric, able to create endless new shapes. One day I showed him some summer kimonos made ​​of some light linen fabrics; incredibly I saw a passion and an interest in Roberto which I had never even seen in a Japanese. His eyes shone, his face reminded me of that of a child who receives a beautiful gift for the first time. He seemed taken over by the passion of the creator, by the thread of the fabric. What will he create for me in his next collection with this fantasy and imagination? Roberto Sarti is not just the CEO of the company but he is, above all, an extraordinary creator. He is a magician of textile products."
To Faliero Sarti best wishes
for your first 50 years of business and...
Dries Van Noten
"Happy 50th Birthday! I hope that
Sarti will continue forever to make such nice fabrics,
with the right proportion between novelty
and tradition."