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We are such stuff as dreams are made on

What are Monica Sarti’s foulards, scarves and shawls made of? Reinterpreted, lightened, deconstructed fabrics, colored with reinvented patterns and volumes on noble fabrics like linen, silk, cashmere. As impalpable as the air we breathe, as warm as the light that shines on our days, like a pair of wings to fly with. Evocations that show today more than ever in the attention to sustainability in every production phase, in the natural zero-impact treatments, in the traceability of the whole process. Creating evanescent objects, as precious as dreams. Shakespeare in The Tempest makes one of his characters say “we are such stuff as dreams are made on”, Faliero Sarti’s creations seem to be guided by this vision.


Removing the fringing and adding poetry

What are Faliero Sarti’s foulards, scarves and shawls born from? At the center of the scene there is the eclecticism, the sensitivity of Monica Sarti, heir to a fortune of research and creativity: the fabric manufacturing company that her grandfather Faliero Sarti created after World War II and that soon became a fundamental point of reference for Made in Italy. In this context a very young Monica Sarti observes, gets curious, grows up. As she came back from the United States in 1988, after her years of training, Monica Sarti brought with her the evocations of artistic vanguards: from action painting to abstract expressionism, in which chromatic scores evolved into unpredictable textures. From the start all of this mixed with her high-end artisanal background. “The accessory department had been slightly forgotten at the time. I decided to devote myself to it experimenting with noble fibers to deconstruct them and make them lighter and more real. I removed the fringing and added poetry. I started selling my first foulards in the year 2000”. The best shops in Milan and Paris bought them. That’s how it all started.


Something that sur us like an embrace

Palpable, light, intense, evanescent. To Monica Sarti a scarf, a foulard, a shawl isn’t an accessory anymore, it is an intimate object that envelops the neck like an embrace and returns feeling of comfortable sensuality. It is a corporeal expression of our feeling that tells a lot about ourselves. It is chosen not only because of the color or the fabric it is made of, but also for the sensitivity, the values and the passions it contains. Every creation is an object to be opened like a book, whose pages must be read in order to understand the story behind the prints, the symbols and the messages on it. Monica’s aesthetic was born from a continuous research to interpret all of this, under the sign of passion.

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