Spring Summer

In a real tribute to color and energy, Monica Sarti's Faliero Sarti Spring-Summer 2022 collection celebrates life, travel, craftsmanship

and the inexhaustible passion for art in all its manifestations.

  1. Pepe
    Modal and silk scarf


  2. Clotilde
    Silk printed headscarf


  3. Luca
    Modal blend scarf



Character of exemplarity. 

Timeless scarves that can be used in any season and enrich the collection with a classy elegance. Essential flowing pieces that take on various shapes, colors, and sizes, defining the style and becoming a Status symbol. A line that is classic, gender-neutral, and destined to be timeless. 

  1. New Diamond
    New Diamond
    Viscose blend scarf


  2. Dania
    Virgin wool and silk blend stole


  3. Tobia U
    Tobia U
    Modal and silk scarf


  4. Enrica/M
    Cashmere and silk blend scarf


  5. Lolly/M
    Cashmere and silk blend scarf


  6. Dianetta

    Cashmere and silk blend stole


  7. Dianetta/M

    Cashmere and silk blend stole


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