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Home Collection by Faliero Sarti

Faliero Sarti design objects are the result of careful selection and attention to detail, available in luxurious fabrics, colors and materials, they will become the best method for an immediate feeling of well-being.

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  1. Jacquard Blanket  80x105
    Jacquard Blanket 80x105
    Customizable blanket


  2. Jacquard Blanket 150x205
    Jacquard Blanket 150x205
    Customizable blanket


  3. Jacquard Blanket 170x250
    Jacquard Blanket 170x250
    Customizable blanket


  4. Baby Personal
    Baby Personal

    Customizable Blanket for Newborns


  5. Cuscino Quadrato Grande
    Cuscino Quadrato Grande
    Patchwork cushion


  6. Scatola
    Design box in plexiglass and fabric


  7. Svuotatasche
    Design pocket emptier in plexiglass and fabric


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