How to wash cotton

The care of cotton products is essential for the fiber to keep up with the passing of the years. If done correctly each wash will make the fabrics softer and will keep the colors bright. To maintain their pristine condition and preserve beauty for years to come, we recommend following these simple but effective guidelines for washing cotton.


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Before washing cotton items, we recommend carefully inspecting the fabric for any stains that may need pre-treatment. Dab gently with a mild detergent or stain remover, making sure it is suitable for delicate fabrics.




To preserve the beauty of the scarf, we recommend using hand wash for cotton. For optimal care, we recommend filling a basin with warm water and adding a small amount of mild detergent.

For hand washing it is important to choose a pH balanced laundry detergent. Also, make sure your detergent is free of bleach, as it could damage the natural cotton fibers. Be especially careful not to use fabric softeners, which contain harsh chemicals that damage the natural cotton fibers.

If you still prefer to wash the cotton in the washing machine, set the program to a cold and delicate wash, because cold water prevents the fabric from shrinking.




If necessary, to iron your cotton scarf, use a low temperature, thus avoiding burning the natural fibers. To avoid damaging the fabric, iron it while it is still slightly damp.

Use a cloth to protect the delicate cotton fibers and always iron starting from the back, to avoid potential damage to designs, patterns and prints. 

For added protection, consider storing scarves in bags of breathable fabric or acid-free tissue paper to prevent dust accumulation. 

Expert’s tip: to maintain the vitality of colorful scarves, add a splash of white vinegar to the final rinse water. This helps set the colors and keep them looking fresh and bright.


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With the proper care and attention, your cotton scarves, foulards and stoles will continue to radiate a timeless quality. Embrace the art of dedication and respect for craftsmanship excellence with Faliero Sarti’s scarves.





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